Ryen McPherson is an award-winning writer, director and activist artist responsible for conceptualizing and executing some of the most widely publicized pieces of guerrilla protest art in America.

Immediately following high school, McPherson moved to Las Vegas, NV to self-educate himself in art, literature and film and pursue a career in video production and activism. McPherson quickly moved from skateboard films to gritty music videos, short-form documentaries, and high-end commercials, while at the same time co-founding INDECLINE, the internationally recognized activist art collective.

McPherson currently splits his time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, working with major record labels, music festivals and hospitality and lifestyle brands, while maintaining a creative grip on social issues and producing high-energy viral content in response to the current political climate. He has traveled extensively to a number of third world countries, immersing himself in chaotic surroundings and producing photographs and films of volatile areas while intimately engaging with a wide range of people and sub-cultures. He also spends his summers hopping freight trains throughout America.

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